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What Characters We Can Expect To See In Gears Of War: E-Day

The Gears Of War hype is real! Are you curious to know who may make an appearance in Xboxs upcoming Gears Of War :E-Day? We got some predictions on those you might run into during the game.

Gears Is Back Baby With Gears Of War E-Day

The wait is finally over, Marcus and Dom are back together in full force in The Coalition's new game trailer, Gears Of War E-Day. And yes we cried too.

IS Xbox Teasing The Return of Fable? All Signs Point to YES

Xbox recently released a short clip teasing the return of a popular gaming franchise, Fable. Is it real, or are we getting played? Join Jake Brown as he discusses the possibility of an announcement at the Xbox Showcase.

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Sweet Home – Final Season Review

Sweet Home’s final season dropped on Netflix, and it is time to talk about it. Did we get the ending we wanted and the characters deserved? Read on to find out!
by Art of Lily KJuly 23, 2024
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