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The Iron Claw Unleashed: A Gripping Review Of A Wrestling Family’s Stoic Triumph

“The Iron Claw," a compelling wrestling film directed by Sean Durkin, dives deep into the tragic yet hopeful saga of the Von Erich family, a wrestling dynasty that ruled Dallas in the 1980s. From intense wrestling setpieces to the family's heart-wrenching struggles, the movie captures the ebbs and flows of their lives, making it a must-watch for both wrestling enthusiasts and general moviegoers alike.

Good Riddance Gilbert Gottfried (We’ll Miss Ya)!

Gilbert Gottfriend was a brilliant comedian who was unfiltered and brutal as a performer but a sweet loving man when he’s off stage. Until he told me to get a new hobby. Here’s my story about meeting Gottfried!

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The Acolyte Episode 8: Consequences

The season finale of The Acolyte is here, and a lot is riding on it. Join Tom as he breaks down this episode and sees if it stuck the landing.
by Thomas RichardsJuly 20, 2024
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