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Wrestlemania Week: 3 GOOD Acting Performances and 3 BAD ones by Wrestlers in Superhero Media

It’s Wrestlemania 40! It’s a week where superstars become superheroes. It’s not the first time for some of the guys performing this weekend. Here are three good and three bad acting performances by wrestlers in Superhero TV and movies.

The Flash: Discount Flashpoint

The Flash has come and gone, but reviews are better late than never. Join Thomas Richards as he gives his thoughts on this controversial DC film.

Pop-Culture Predictions #2

This week Drew Lewis makes some predictions on the future of DCU after Peacemaker's apparent success, whether or not history will repeat itself with Valve's Steam Deck launch, and will Edris Elba be the next James Bond?

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The Acolyte Episode 8: Consequences

The season finale of The Acolyte is here, and a lot is riding on it. Join Tom as he breaks down this episode and sees if it stuck the landing.
by Thomas RichardsJuly 20, 2024
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