What Makes a Remake? | TRP: Ep 124

Video Game Remakes like Final Fantasy 7 and The Last of Us are very popular. We ask what makes a Remake?

Big Things Are Coming! | TRP: Ep 123

Summer Games Fest success or fail? There were big reveals and leaks over the past week, but are they good? Listen to our unfiltered and honest thoughts.

Ghost Stabbies and a Sad Announcement | TRP: Ep 122

Luis joins Pagan and Dan to discuss PS1 classics coming to PS5 and a sad announcement from Pagan.

We Need New Flavors of Switch Cartridges | TRP: Ep 121

When Pagan’s away the kids will play. A news-focused episode that turns to chaos when you bring on an editor and some contributors.

Evil Dead Things! | TRP: Ep 120

What do Evil Dead and Zach Snyder have in common? Nothing but we sure have a crazy chat involving both.

Talking Halo With Giovanni Lipari | TRP: Ep 119

We had the privilege to interview the delightful Giovanni Lipari, head Costume Designer of the new Halo TV series.He gave us an incredible look behind the scenes of what went into the production

Hogwarts Hype! | TRP: Ep 118

Hogwarts Legacy Is Coming! We got a full gameplay preview of the much anticipated Hogwarts Legacy game set in the Harry Potter universe. Michelle joins us fellow Potterheads to nerd about Hogwarts Legacy and discussion about theories and predictions about the game set to release later this year. We also mention the newly announced Playstation Plus tiers that will roll PS Now into a subscription service with PS Plus, similar to Xbox’s Game Pass.

Should Elden Ring Have an Easy Mode? | TRP: Ep 117

Should Elden Ring and other games like it allow people to change the difficulty so that anyone can play them? We don't find the answer, but we have a super spicy discussion trying to find it.
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