Retro Replay “Chomp-Chomp” 4th Shirt

We got another one for your collection! The 4th official shirt features the emojis from our popular live chats on Youtube being eaten by a particular famous video game character you may know. Chomp Chomp!


Retro Replay “Stealth” 3rd T-Shirt

Our 3rd T-Shirt!

We call this our “stealth shirt”! Gray on Black. Show how much you love Retro Replay without screaming it all over the front of your chest.

It’s Bella Canvas so it fits a little snug. The picture looks a little too snug because we think Drew keeps using it for aspiration. I guess we give him too much soup

Retro Replay Blue Hoodie

All right! All right, we hear you. The blue Retro Replay hoodie is back and in stock. This is the same soft hoodie you loved from before. This one is “Heather Blue”. Don’t ask me if it’s the same color. Uncle Noly says it’s blue, so it’s blue.

Shipping now!


Retro Replay’s Collectible Pin

Here it is! The very first collectible pin we ever made. Yes, it’s just the show’s logo, but look how shiny it is. It’s about an inch wide. It’s made of some sort of metal (don’t remember) and there is a rubber backing so you don’t have to impale yourself with it. (Uncle Noly did.)

Uncle Noly Trucker Hat

This is our first hat! Designed completely by Drew. It’s a beauty! It’s a classic trucker cap style built with the Richardson quality. Uncle Noly’s cap has a lower profile and adjustable snapback that makes it perfect for those who like a more tailored fit.

The patch with embroidered trim is hand-sewn onto the cap. (No, Drew doesn’t do it – who do you think we are?!). The patch features your one-and-only!