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Is the Boomer Shooter Postal: Brain Damaged Insanely Good? or Brain-Numbingly Bad?

hello world!
Maria Kinnun
| July 9, 2022
hello world!

Postal: Brain Damaged is the newest, single-player, first-person shooter from Hyperstrange is here and is the 5th game in the Postal series! Although not considered a direct sequel to Postal 4, Postal: Brain Damaged continues the themes and story of the main protagonist, Postal Dude, and his wacky and inappropriate adventures. Let’s get into it!

Warning!! Before we go any further… if you’re a little sensitive to language and impure things, move along. This game gets raunchy REAL fast, and this review won’t be sugar-coating any of it. 

Postal: Brain Damaged is absolutely going to be a game to disappoint your parents. 

Check out my video review below featuring Boomer Shooter connoisseur, Immorpher!

You play as Postal Dude (yes, that’s his name): a foul-mouthed, testosterone-fueled dude, who is suffering from a case of brain damage (hence the title), and you are experiencing his glorious fever dream where he is hunting for a TV to watch. It’s that simple!

The game begins after we see Postal Dude fall asleep in front of the TV and wakes up in a homely suburban town. The roads are warped, and the houses are floating…The Dude is in some serious dream state. Welcome to the first level of the game…. It’s time to terrorize the neighborhood! 

A fever dream in Suburbia

From the start, this game doesn’t seem to give you many directions on your goal. Instead, it just unleashes you wildly so you can pee on things, blast the townsfolk, and kill everyone in your path to find the TV waiting for you at the end of the level.

You will encounter all kinds of goofy things on your rampage. Whacky enemies, quirky one-liners from our Dude, and all kinds of snarky humor aimed at current events in our real world. Postal: Brain Damaged is basically mayhem with I see what you did there moments. 

Sims in Suburbia

Angry baddies are wearing red “grump 2024” hats and shaking their fists at liberals, and suburb residents are hoarding toilet paper. There are also many nods to pop culture and gaming. For example, in one part of this perfect suburban town, you come across a Sims house with murdered Sims inside. Plumbobs still glowing green over their bloody bodies… And yes, there is a gaggle of Sims who have drowned in the swimming pool in the backyard because someone took away the ladder… who would do such a thing?? Everyone…

It was little details and humor like this that kept me laughing again and again, and I really enjoyed discovering these moments during my playthrough.

Thats a lot of toilet paper!

Let’s talk about the levels! 

Postal: Brain Damaged is divided into 3 episodes: America Gone Wrong, Soulless Asylum, and No-Life Matters. Each of these episodes contains 5 levels of full-on craziness, so there are a lot of levels to explore. Each level’s design varies with new environments, so the game stays fresh as you advance. You fight your way through a suburban town, a prison, the Gulf of Mexico, and even a Quake-inspired level that gives a nod back to the classic First Person Shooter. Many new levels will introduce new enemies too. Ranging from hamburger-throwing flying fat guys to Mexican Jumping Bean goons, crazy Golden Retrievers, and caged baddies with limbs flailing. 

This game has a nice amount of enemy variation, and they are all pretty creative and fun. At one point in the game, you fight an actual disease as a boss and a Karen. It gets pretty wild!

What’s a Boomer Shooter without its guns??! 

Postal: Brain Damaged gives you an entire array of whacky weapons to murder everything with. Guns such as the Brain Fucker 69000 that ejects brains, The Pussy Vacuum; a cannon that fires angry feral cats, and The Penetrator; a crossbow that fires dildos and makes erotic lady moans. Yep! Shoot your enemy in the face with a dildo! A pleasure you never knew you needed! Those are just a few in your arsenal. 

Each one of these weapons also has an alternate fire for extra mayhem! Some guns even unashamedly borrow characteristics from other Boomer Shooters. I enjoyed seeing a familiar Doom Eternal grappling hook featured with the double shotgun… Just another way in which Postal: Brain Damaged gives nods to other games in its genre. 

hoot goons in the face with a dildo! It’s a pleasure you never knew you needed

Now onto some specifics…

Postal: Brain Damaged fits comfortably within the Boomer Shooter category (If you want a full description of what a Boomer Shooter is, check out my article, Rise of the Boomer Shooter). Postal: Brain Damaged has some non-linear levels, no reloading, and plenty of guns to carry!! The style is reminiscent of a game straight out of the 90s, even more so than the original Postal games themselves! In comparison, the game handles like Quake tickled with a bit of Doom Eternal, with the goofiness and attitude that goes beyond Duke Nukem 3D. The graphics have the retro pixel style typical in the Boomer Shooters such as Quake, but they aren’t as polished as in games such as Prodeus and Amid Evil. For me, the graphic style did fit in with the goofy, cartoon tone of the game. The game also has a banging soundtrack to murder all the things too!

Postal: Brain Damaged is challenging to play; I would recommend newcomers to the genre to play on the easiest difficulty to get started. I played on medium difficulty and died plenty of times. I recommend taking advantage of the quick save feature as the waves of enemies come thick and fast! They also seem to take more damage than typical boomer shooter enemies, so you burn through ammo quickly. You’ll have to pick your shots and be tactical with your attack!

The Doctor’s in and his assistant has dildo hands. Because, why not?!

Fitting with the trend of the Postal series, there are a lot of controls to get used to. You have items, weapons, alternate fire, melee, jump, use, duck, and pee… yes, there is a button for pee! Use your pee to activate switches. Your pee will help you save ammo as well as you can use it as a weapon. Freeze people with your pee! Burn people with your pee… There is a lot of pee! But this can also make managing battles trickier, as you also have to toggle between peeing and other actions such as alternate fires, strategizing your items, deflecting attacks with melee, getting duck/jump combos right, and not getting caught on objects. Postal has a lot going on compared to games like Quake, which had shooting and jumping, and that’s it! 

Postal games helped distinguish themselves with this many options, and although it can be tricky to juggle so many actions, Postal: Brain Damaged takes advantage of it, giving the player plenty of creative ways to interact with the environments. 

So go ahead, find a toilet, pee in it, and flush it! Or just pee on everything! You hooligan!

Go on! Piss on it! You Hooligan

Overall, Postal: Brain Damaged is great if you like silly humor, terrible language, and a game with basically no point but just to have a fun challenge! If you are looking for an engrossing story with so many pivotal moments, it turns back on itself; well, this is not that… If you want to blow shit up and laugh at a few jokes along the way… then Postal: Brain Damaged is the game for you! 

I would give Postal: Brain Damaged a solid 8 out of 10 soups! 

It swings above average across the board. Although it does not excel in any one technical aspect, Postal: Brain Damaged does offer the player good action through challenging fights, humor, and creative level design. Postal: Brain Damaged has a lot of character; you never know what joke you will find around the corner, and that is what kept me motivated to push through every level.

Postal: Brain-Damaged is available for PC, and you can grab it on Steam right now. Get your mayhem on today!! 

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