We Need New Flavors of Switch Cartridges | TRP: Ep 121

DATE: 05/18/22
By Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire and Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire

This week Brandy, Maria, and Rohan join in Pagan’s absence to discuss some hot gaming news. Which immediately falls to pieces as Maria shows us how easy it is to be Pagan. If you can sift through the madness you may hear our thoughts on big delays from Xbox, Sony focusing on “Multiple Platforms”, and Nintendo concerned about Next-Gen.


Dan's take :

I knew what I was getting into when I asked Maria and Brandy on the podcast but golly did it get out of hand. Poor Rohan was having to deal with that nonsense. All in all, we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs in this episode. We somehow managed to discuss the gaming news that I wanted to talk about. This is what happens when Pagan misses and episode, I am forced to replace her and ask someone to do their best impression. Please try to enjoy this madness of a podcast.


Podcast Moments

Maria's flawless Irish accent

I want to play with my friends!

Dan speechless

How do you feel about the latest gaming news on all fronts? What did you think of Maria’s Pagan impersonation? 

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

HOST: Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire
FEATURING: Brandy + Maria + Rohan
PRODUCER:  Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire

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