Decoding Dragons | House of the Dragon Season 1 Finale Lore Breakdown & Reactionf

DATE: 10/26/22
By Liza Phoenix & Michelle Holstine and 

In this episode of Decoding Dragons, Liza and Michelle are joined by fellow high fantasy reader Ayana and bookstagrammer Elizabeth Sagan to break down the shocking season 1 finale! They talk about all things House of the Dragon Episode 10, "The Black Queen," debate Rhaenyra's coronation, tell you about the mystery dragon Daemon's singing to, and more. Don't miss out as they react to the fiery finale and give you their House of the Dragon season 2 predictions! Don't forget to check out Elizabeth's bookstagram linked below for a ton of incredible book recommendations!

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Liza Phoenix
Michelle Holstine
Elizabeth Sagan

Editied by Liza Phoenix
Produced by PJ Haarmsa, Drew Lewis

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HOST: Liza Phoenix & Michelle Holstine
FEATURING: Ayana & Elizabeth Sagan

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