Couch Crouton - Ep. #106 | TRP

DATE: 09/08/21
By Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath and Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath

This week, the whole cast minus Drew joins to discuss the Green Knight RPG. Important questions like where it came from, Why Drew is Eldor in real life, and more will be answered. Wayne regales us with how the show came to be, how big PRGs are becoming and we go on a tangent about the upcoming Avatar TTRPG.

Pagan’s Favorite Bits

  • Getting to hear how Wayne pitched The Green Knight RPG and how it came to be on RR
  • Hearing how Aundawyn came up with Daewyn’s character and getting to speak a bit more about how Trinket came to be 
  • Ok so I get a little passionate in this episode about Couch Soup… sorry not sorry 

Dan’s Favorite Bits

  • I loved learning about how much work Drew put into his character behind the scene for Eldor.
  • I am very happy to discuss the first Community driven project on the channel and future content to come to Couch Soup.
  • I rarely hear Pagan get kinda salty, which you can enjoy too in this episode!

Do you like to play tabletop RPGs?

What were your favorite bits from this week's episode? Let's chat in the comments below!

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HOST: Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath
FEATURING: Wayne Talbot & Aundawyn
PRODUCER:  Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath

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