Monthly Update: April 2021 Game Releases

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| April 8, 2021

Hey, gamers! Welcome back to your monthly dose of game releases for the month of April 2021. Oh April..please show us that 2020 is over. This month sees the release of a new looter shooter, the next official PS5 game, the first Pokémon Snap game in almost 20 years, a return of a PS1 classic, and a PS exclusive series coming to Xbox! What?! This is no April Fools Joke, let’s roll!


April’s Highlights

Outriders – April 1st (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC)


Outriders is a new 3rd person looter shooter with deep RPG mechanics from People Can Fly, the studio that made Bulletstorm and assisted with the Gears of War franchise. Humans have fled from Earth and are now on the planet Enoch, where humans become altered. Explore a hostile planet with friends and take down menacing foes with brutal gunplay and special abilities. Outriders is available April 1st and will be on GamePass for Xbox Day 1.


Oddworld Soulstorm – April 6th (PS4, PS5, PC)

Oddworld first appeared on the PS1 and PC back in 1997 and is considered by many to be a cult classic with multiple iterations over the years. Now, Oddworld Soulstorm is a reimagining of the original story that tells the story of a volatile society pushed to the limits. Oddworld is a 2.9D puzzle-platformer whereas Abe, you are trying to guide your fellow Mudokon’s to safety and away from tyranny. Soulstorm will be available for free to PS Plus Members on release day, April 6th.


MLB The Show 21 – April 20th (PS4, PS5, Xbox)

MLB The Show has been a staple franchise in the PlayStation stable for many years, and now it’s going multiplatform. The Show 21 sees the series’ first entry ever be on Xbox, which has not had a mainline baseball game in 8 years. The Show has had a long-standing reputation as one of the best baseball games ever made due to its authentic and accurate depictions of being a part of the major league. Now everyone, who likes baseball, can enjoy this series on April 20th.


NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… – April 23rd (PS4, Xbox, PC)


Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139… (yes that is its actual title) is a remaster of a PlayStation 3 game that was only released in Japan. Now the game is getting a visual overhaul, NA localization, and an English voice cast that includes the talents of Liam O’Brien and Laura Bailey. Nier Replicant is a prequel to the much-loved Nier Automata that was released in 2017. Neir Replicant seems to play a little closer to the Original Nier and bridge the gap to Automata. If you are a fan of over-the-top action with a touch of bullet hell, check this one out on April 23rd.


Returnal – April 29th (PS5)

Returnal is the first major PS5 game to release from the talented studio Housemarque who is most well known for smaller games like Resogun, Alienation, Matterfall, and Nex Machina. In Returnal, players assume the role of Selene, who has crash-landed on a dangerous shifting planet. Similar to other games by Housemarque, Returnal is a run-n-gun shoot ’em up with some roguelike elements. Selene is living a horrific alien-infested version of Groundhog’s Day, where every time she dies, she awakens anew remembering what has happened and skills she has gained but starting from the beginning. Dive into this surreal semi-horror experience on the PS5 on April 29th.


New Pokemon Snap – April 30th (Switch)

POKEMON! I wanna be the very best, like… Oh *cough*. Eh hem. New Pokémon Snap sees a return of the beloved classic from the Nintendo 64 days. Pokémon Snap has been dormant for over 20 years. Fulfill all of your Pokémon filled digital photography dreams by taking pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitats. Collect, research, and learn behaviors of Pokémon out in the wild and take photos of rare moments to get the best ratings, and fill your Pokémon photodex. Catch all your Pokémon (photos) on April 30th.


The complete list…


Outriders – April 1st (PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC)

Oddworld Soulstorm – April 6th (PS4, PS5, PC)

Star Wars Republic Commando April 6th (PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch)

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV – April 9th (PS4, Switch)

SaGa Frontier Remastered – April 14th (PS5, Switch. PC)

MLB The Show 21 – April 20th (PS4, PS5, Xbox)

Atelier Mysterious Trilogy – April 21st (PS4, Switch, PC)

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX – April 21st (PS4, Switch, PC)

Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Painting DX – April 21st (PS4, Switch, PC)

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Book DX – April 21st (PS4, Switch, PC)

MotoGP 21 – April 21st (PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC)

Judgment – April 23rd (PS5, Xbox Series)

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… – April 23rd (PS4, Xbox, PC)

Chess Ultra – April 27th (Switch)

Pure Pool – April 27th (Switch)

Terra Trilogy – April 27th (PS4, Switch)

WRC 9 – April 27th (Switch)

Returnal – April 29th (PS5)

New Pokémon Snap – April 30th (Switch)


There are always dozens of new games coming out each month. What will you be playing this month? Let us know in the comments

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