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House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 5 Recap- Regent

The King is partially alive, and there’s a new sheriff in town this week in House of the Dragon. Let’s get into the incest, death, and panic together!

House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Fire in the Sky

Dragon battles! Fire, blood, dancing dragons… it has finally happened! Keep up with Michelle as she flies through the events that unfolded in Season 2, Episode 4 of House of The Dragon, and why we’ll be mourning for longer than the season will last.

House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 3- They Misunderstood the Assignment

Episode 3 left a lot to be desired, and a lot on the table. We didn’t even get to see the Burning Mill battle. Are the showrunners even reading the same book of source material? Let’s get into what happened in this week’s episode.

House of the Dragon Season 2: Episode 1 Recap- A Son for a Son

Welcome back to Westeros, baby! Gather ‘round our fire as we get into the drama, the deaths, the incest, the Aegon’s, and the dragons. So many Aegons. Dive into episode 1 of season 2 with us and be prepared to declare yourself for Team Black!

House of the Dragon Episode 3 Breakdown and Symbology

Michelle is back breaking down the lore, Easter Eggs, and important events from House of the Dragon, episode 3!

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The Acolyte Episode 8: Consequences

The season finale of The Acolyte is here, and a lot is riding on it. Join Tom as he breaks down this episode and sees if it stuck the landing.
by Thomas RichardsJuly 20, 2024
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