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Can we Please Ditch the Snyder-verse for a Buddy Cop Superhero Film?

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Josh Neff
| March 14, 2022
hello world!

In life, there are things that you won’t grow out of. For me, it’s comic books. I have always loved reading different storylines of heroes vs. villains, especially when some of the heroes share the same universe. Superhero movies have dominated the box offices for the past decade. Well…Marvel movies have; DC films (which I prefer when it comes to comics) have been playing catch up ever since the first Ironman film.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing some of the “major” heroes getting their own solo movies. In my opinion, though, I think it’s time to do some buddy cop movies. No, I am not talking about having a huge team-up movie like The Avengers. DC can take advantage of something that Marvel hasn’t taken advantage of on the big screen by making a buddy cop film. The formula for a buddy cop film is simple, all you need are two stars who are polar opposite from each other that have to work together on a common goal. Movies like Lethal Weapon, The Rock, and 48 Hrs are prime examples of how successful the genre can be.

So how did we get to this moment? Who started the DCEU with so much hype at the beginning only to fall victim to lukewarm reviews? With the success of 300, Warner Bros decided to hand the keys to the DC Universe to Zack Snyder. When I heard the news, I was hesitant because everything Zack had done before DC was “dark” themed movies. Zack has always been great at casting. Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Godot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and Ben Affleck as Batman (haters can hate). 

The biggest issue I have when watching the Snyder Cut (and the other movies he directed) is that his characters are boring. They either talk about how they don’t trust each other or how their destiny they have is a burden, only for them to team up at the last minute out of necessity. At least in the Joss Whedon cut of Justice League, he tried to add humor to a scene to break the serious mood, even though the movie itself was still bad. Also, after watching Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, and Snyder’s cut of Justice League, I don’t feel hyped for the next installment. And the fact that the movie’s end with downers always makes me say, “What’s the point?”

So how do we fix this? Toss Zack Snyder’s future plans in the trash, go in a completely different direction and start fresh with another set of heroes. Which heroes, you might say? Well, the ones you never heard of! Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. 

I know what you are thinking, “Who the fuck is Booster Gold and Blue Beetle?” Oh, I would be more than happy to explain who they are.

Micheal Jon Carter may have grown up poor in the distant future, but it didn’t stop him from being in the spotlight, especially in sports. Micheal has gone to jail for gambling on his college games. After serving time, Micheal got a job as a security guard at a museum that housed a massive collection of hero-related items. While working, he had the bright idea of stealing a costume. He took every item of tech he could find. And used Rip Hunter’s (a time lord whose job was to protect time tampering; ironic, right?) old time machine to go back in time to not only become a superhero but to take a chance on being THE superhero with a brand name. With the stolen suit and tech, Micheal gained super strength and speed. He also has wrist blasters, power of flight, a forcefield that can not only block physical damage but also mind control, and a mass dispersion field that can absorb any attack and have the ability to bounce it back to his enemy. He is also complete with his own very robotic friend named Skeet. Think of him as a talking R2D2. 

Micheal used his knowledge of the future to take advantage of the stock market and created his own company called Gold Star. Wait, why is he called Booster Gold? After saving Ronald Regan, Micheal somehow got nervous. He messed up telling him his name, and the president misunderstood and introduced him to the public as “Booster Gold.”

At first, every DC superhero hated him. In time, Booster slowly but surely gained the trust of his fellow heroes and was once invited to join the Justice League. However, he noticed that if he did join, there would have been consequences for changing the flow of time. He decided to decline and work behind the scenes to ensure time flew in the right direction. Which earned him the moniker “The Hero you never heard of.”

Now let’s move to Booster Gold super best friend Blue Beetle aka Ted Kord. He is a genius-level inventor and a gifted athlete. When he acquired Kord Industries from his father, he made an R&D department that could rival STAR Labs. Ted Kord decided to take the mantle of the Blue Beetle and built non-lethal gadgets and weapons to help him fight against all sorts of villains. 

People often compare him to either a cheaper Bruce Wayne or a lame version of Batman. Along the way of trying to rise up the rank of respect/ noticeability, Ted would later team up with Booster Gold to form one of the greatest friendships in DC history, in my opinion. With Ted’s brain, he’s able to upgrade Booster’s suit from time to time so they can continue on with their crazy adventures on their rise to fame.

So what kind of movie would this be if DC went this route? Obviously, it would be a buddy cop film. The best example of the one that would describe a good personality clash is Rush Hour

The basic plot of Rush Hour is two detectives are forced to work together due to unusual circumstances. Even though their police methods are entirely different. In the end, they worked together in rescuing a diplomat’s daughter and taking out the bad guy. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold actually have some of the same personality traits as Detective Carter and Inspector Lee. Booster has more of Detective Carter’s personality with his cocky attitude. He wants to be the best and well known even though he is a foreigner to the time period he is currently in. Blue Beetle is more like Inspector Lee. He doesn’t care about being known, as long as he does everything by the book. He’s fine with no one knowing who he is.

They had two iconic moments that I always remember between the duos. Blue Beetle had a shocking death in the original timeline (DC had rebooted their universe a few times). At one point, Booster decided to change the flow of time by actually going back in time to save him with the help of what seemed to be future versions of Blue Beetles. Long story short, the future Blue Beetles were fakes and needed Booster to change the timeline just enough for them to take over the world. Ted decided to make things right by going back in time to correct the timeline where he was supposed to die. The second moment happened after a recent reboot to the timeline of the storyline “Heroes in Crisis.” Booster Gold is the prime suspect in killing superheroes at a safe house. Blue Beetle believed that his friend did not kill anyone and decided to bust him out of the Justice League prison with the coolest quote ever, “ Bros before Heroes.”

If a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie does come out, I will be the first one in line to see it. I believe Warner Bros needs a fresh start with a comedy adventure movie instead of continuing the Zack Snyder brooding type universe.

Remember, this is just my opinion; let me know down below the comments on what DC film they should do next or convince me why the Snyder-verse is still a good thing.

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