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Thomas Richards

Top Board Games You Need to Try By The End of the Year

As the End-of-Financial-Year sale approaches, Thomas and Rohan highlight some must-have board games like “You Can’t Say Umm,” “Block Party,” and “Throw Throw Burrito” that promise endless fun and excitement. Time to elevate your game nights during the sale season!
by Thomas Richards | June 20, 2024 | ,

The Acolyte Episode 3: The Origin of a Sociopath

Episode 3 of The Acolyte has dropped, and it’s a controversial episode, to say the least. Join Thomas Richards as he gives his thoughts on Episode 3, “Destiny”.

Breaking Down All The New Info For Monster Hunter Wilds

Monster Hunter Wilds has dropped two gameplay trailers, and they’re both jam-packed with info. Join Thomas Richards as he breaks down all the important details from the Monster Hunter Wilds trailers.

The Acolyte Episode 1 & 2: An Intriguing Start

The latest Star Wars Disney+ series is here, but is it worth your time? Join Thomas Richards as he reviews the first two episodes of The Acolyte.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Review – The Best Film of the Year?

The latest film in the Mad Max series, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, is here. How does this film hold up compared to the rest of the series? Join Thomas Richards as he reviews Furiosa.
by Thomas Richards | June 5, 2024 | ,

Sneaking and Stabbing Through Feudal Japan With the Reveal of Assassin’s Creed Shadows

Assassin’s Creed Shadows has been revealed, and we’re finally getting an Assassin’s Creed game in Japan! Join Thomas Richards as he breaks down the trailer and theorizes about this upcoming game.

SPY x FAMILY CODE: White Review – A Fun Detour or an Unwanted Trip?

The SPY x FAMILY film is finally here, but is it a worthy addition to the series? Join Thomas Richards as he reviews SPY x FAMILY CODE: White!
by Thomas Richards | April 27, 2024 | , ,

Halo Season 2: Is It An Improvement?

Halo Season 2 has come to a close, so the question is, was it an improvement? Join Thomas Richards as he tells you if it is an improvement over Season 1.

New Seasons of My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, and More are Landing on Crunchyroll this Spring!

Crunchyroll keeps adding more new seasons to its already stacked Spring lineup. Join Thomas Richards as he updates you on all the recent announcements.
by Thomas Richards | April 17, 2024 | ,

Princess Peach: Showtime! Review – Peach Takes Centre Stage

After so long, Princess Peach finally has another turn in the spotlight with Princess Peach: Showtime! for the Nintendo Switch. Thomas Richards shares his thoughts on this Peach-led adventure.
by Thomas Richards | April 10, 2024 | , ,

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First Impressions from the Surprisingly Great Concord Closed Beta

Live service skeptic Iain took part in the Concord closed beta this weekend and was utterly pleasantly surprised. Check out his first impressions on a game many people have written off before it’s even launched.
by Iain McParlandJuly 17, 2024
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